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                                          4.png                                    5.png

                            The cheap ones seem to be hit or miss, squeaky 

                            and fall apart. But this one seems nicely high quality, 

                            comes with great packaging. It feels amazing on the 

                            skin. It's NOT squeaky and it seems durable. Can't 

                            wait to put this into my skincare routine.   



                                Great jade roller- and even better customer service! 

                                Quick and friendly communication. The jade is 

                                smooth and rolls easily on both sides. It feels well 

                                made.If you're in the market for a jade roller, I would 

                                definitely recommend this company.❤☺      

                                                                                                   ---Madeleine C.

                                          6.png                                     1.png

                              Amazing! Feels great on the face- helps with eye 

                              puffiness and headaches and muscle aches.. stays 

                              cool on its own even without refrigeration (though

                              putting it in the fridge will only enhance the effect!  


                                  Very sturdy and durable! It’s definitely worth spending 

                                  a little more for the quality. I purchased the rose quartz 

                                  roller  and it’s very pretty!        


                                           3.png                                       2.png

                               I LOVE this product! definitely a new staple in my 

                               skin care routine. I pop it in the freezer before use 

                              and it feels like a spa in my own home. the fact that 

                              it has a gua sha tool is  amazing! i learned about them 

                              after i made my purchase and i was so pleased that it 

                              included both. it is also by a family owned business

                              which is that much better. i’ve recommended to friends 

                              and it is definitely a great purchase!❤          

                                                                                                       ---Allison osorio

                                   I absolutely love SOMEE Jade roller kit! My favorite part 

                                   is that most puffiness is gone after a good use. Also great

                                   customer service! I recommend it to eveyone looking for 

                                   a natural way to get luxurious skin.         

                                                                                                            ---Laura Mellorweller