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The Shape of Gua sha and How To Use It
2021-09-23 10:04:41838

The shape types of scraping board and the matters needing attention in use can be divided into the following categories in the shape of suitable parts:

1. Finger shape 

2. Cavel shape 

3. "V"shape

4. Ear shape

5. Dolphin shape

6. "S" shape

7. "W" shape


Matters needing attention in the use of scraping board.

1. Scraping angle: when scraping, the scraping plate should be at an angle of 60 °or 90 °with the human skin. When scraping, the scraping plate should first smear essential oil, then take the operation site as the center, and expand its range to the periphery as far as possible.

2. Take the scraping board method: use the hand to master the sand scraping board, when the treatment scraping plate thick face the palm, when the thin side of the scraping plate to the palm.

3. Scraping test direction: neck, back, abdomen, upper limb, lower limb from top to bottom, chest from inside to outside.

4. Replenish scraping and reducing scraping:-generally speaking, scraping along the meridians and collateral is to replenish scraping; the scraping test against the meridians and collateral is diarrhea and scraping.

5. Scraping time: scraping is carried out with purging scraping or leveling, each part is generally scraped for 3-5 minutes, and the scraping time for each part is 5-10 minutes. There is no strict time limit for scraping, based on the principle of self-satisfaction and comfort.