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40 Years Old not Have Wrinkle’s Secret
2021-10-09 15:54:2885

Adhere to scraping skin state will look much better than the peers. 

Today I come to introduce natural jade gua sha.Before scraping,need to do a good job of cleaning , essential oil or toner base, essential oil has antioxidant effect, the skin can get better relief.


Scraping environment: You can choose to put music before falling asleep and scrape, which can relax the body. With scrapping plate massage the eyes the eye acupuncture points, under the eye has a lot of lymphatic, don't too hard blow Scraping the whole face from down to up, when you can make the skin more compact Wash a face finally remember, don't try so hard, direct stick a hydrating mask, absorption effect especially good at this moment. 

The second day wake up you will find that the skin delicate and white, will make you a few years younger.