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Correct Use of Jade Gua Sha, Effect is Better Than USD 1000 Beauty Instrument
2021-11-09 10:35:21141

Gua sha belongs to traditional Chinese medicine, if you can use it well, you can achieve the effect of detoxification, very good for the body, jade gua sha on the market but dozens of dollars, so how to use the small scraping board to do thousands of dollars of machine effect?

Understandthe classification of jade gua shadifferent shapes have different classification,different shapes of jade gua sha can scrape different positions on the body,but mainly to personal use smoothly. 

Jade gua sha use for face has finger type, cavelshape and wave shape , they are designed according to the facial physiologicalmechanism, very suitable for facial scraping.S-shaped jade gua sha for neck and clavicle.



✿The basics of scraping

Many people feel that scraping must be scraped out. In fact, when facial scraping, scraping to fever can stop.

The strength is not too big, press the acupoints. It's better not to shave every day, but two or three times a week.

Before scraping, it is best to apply something like nursing oil or cream, otherwise it will hurt.

✿Scrapping skills

Facial scraping: from the beginning of theeyebrow, scraping along the eyebrows to the temple, and then from the head of theeye, scraping along the upper eyelid to the end of the eye, the lower eyelidalso to again, dilute dark circles to wrinkles with honey eye cream effect issuper great. Then it cuts diagonally from the sides of the nose to the temple,diagonally from the corners of the lips to the temple, and diagonally from thelower middle of the lips to the temple. 

Remove the forehead scraping: the first hand toopen the forehead lines, and then start scraping from the brow, vertical upwardto the middle of the forehead, and then from the brow according to theforty-five degree direction of scraping to the hairline, finally down theeyebrow type scraping to the temple, all repeat once or twice. Remove the law tattoo scraping: from both sidesof the nose to the temple, and then from the lip Angle to the temple, most fromthe middle of the lips below the temple.

After such scraping, can effectively tighten the skin on the face, can also carry out detoxification, accelerate the metabolism, although the benefits of scraping are very many, but also do not be too frequent, you might as well try, ok, today's content is introduced here, thank you for reading!


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