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Yoni Eggs and Kegel Exercise
2021-06-17 14:52:2170

Yoni eggs are excellent “teachers" and can help you with strengthening your vaginal muscles through Kegel exercises and will result in your vagina tightening. It also assists with the strengthening of the uterine wall and assists women with bladder control and can make your sex life more fire. 

Gemstones and healing crystals have long been part of the magical history of humanity. Using the right crystals, doing the Kegel Exercises appropriately improves your sexual instincts. 


What is a Yoni Egg?

A Yoni Egg is a stone, around the size of an organic chicken egg, that is meant to put in your “yoni” which is Sanskrit for vagina. We actually use this word as it translates as sacred place or space and that is really what the vagina or the womb is; it is our seat of power.

In the past in China, they were referred to as Jade eggs because they were using this practice – but only with Jade, as it was the most precious stone to them. Now, it’s not only Jade that’s used – so they are mostly referred to as Yoni eggs.


What are the Benefits of Using Yoni Eggs?

Used regularly it will set your reproductive cycle into a healthy mode eradicating painful menstruations and mood swings. Vaginal Tightening – after having a baby or simply growing older you may want to have some more tightening here. This can also help stop incontinence.

There are of course many more benefits, and these are just a few.

How to Start Using a Yoni Egg.

There are different weights and different types of stones. Most women choose a medium-sized egg to start out with and frequently look to rose quartz, jade or aventurine. The smaller the egg, the harder it is to feel, so it is best to start out with something that has some size to it. You might also want an egg that is drilled as opposed to undrilled. All that means is that a friendly little stone mason drilled a hole in the egg so that you can attach a string for easy removal. Don’t fret about the stone getting lost. With proper relaxation and a good healthy cough, that little gem will pop out nice and easy.

Recommended Crystals To Use for Yoni Eggs.

Obsidian Gemstone — Obsidian is known to be a protective stone that shields against negativity. It absorbs harmful energies from the surrounding environment. It claims to help reduce pain derived from certain conditions. It also is able to help you release disharmony, resentment, fear and anger.

Rose Quartz — Yet another important crystal responsible for feminine cleansing and rejuvenation, rose quartz yoni eggs are excellent to instill feelings of letting go off your emotional baggage.  It is associated with carrying the energies of compassion, peace, tenderness and healing and helps the user feel a strong sense of self-worth. It has also been used to help rejuvenate skin.

Green Jade — An ancient stone known for letting go of deep spiritual and emotional wounds, Green Jade is also apt for moving on in life. Green Jade yoni eggs can raise your body vibrations to calm you as well as reset your sensuality clock.



You can clean it with soap and water or you can sanitize by boiling. It is suggested on the website to insert the rose quartz egg into cold water and then start boiling, as inserting directly into boiling water might result in some cracks (like a real egg!). Make sure you clean inside the drill holes.

If you’re looking to start using Yoni Eggs and want something that is fairly gentle and neutral, then starting with a heart-stone like Rose Quartz or Green Aventurine would be a good idea. They are great for softening, opening you to accepting and receiving healing and balancing your heart.

Yoni eggs are the best gift to give any woman, try it right away.


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