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The Topic Of Face Roller And Massager Is Getting Trendy
2020-11-03 15:39:13118


Jade rollers aren't a new beauty tool-in fact,The use of  jade rollers dates back to early Imperial China when it was used among the elite as an anti-aging and beauty tool. It has been used in the West since 2016, thanks to the increasing popularity of contouring, beauty influencers, and society’s never-ending search for youthfulness. They've slowly transformed from a somewhat obscure skin-care device to a mainstream must-have for beauty junkies.

If you’ve been keeping up with what’s trending, you’ve surely noticed the rising popularity of crystals. A plethora of influencers from YouTube stars to Instagram models have bought into the trend and report varying results. And it's innate calming action and associated neo-zen vibes have already made it an instant hit both beauty communities and the celeb world.



It’s part of a current beauty trend that ascends from the Chinese tradition of facial massage. This small device is meant to sculpt, smooth, relax, and tone. Among its skin-loving benefits, a stone facial massage promises to create more lustrous, beautiful skin. The handheld massagers are usually dual-ended with two jade stone heads that are ran across the face.

The jade roller’s magic lies largely in the fact it’s a cool stone and retains its temperature even when it comes into contact with warm skin. They also can increase blood circulation, which means, you get smooth skin with that natural flush, like you just got a facial. And let’s not forget the increase in lymphatic drainage in the face, which can reduce swelling.



•Reduces fine lines and wrinkles: Our faces hold a lot of tension when we are stressed, anxious, or facially expressive. Tension builds up in our temples, foreheads, jaws, and everywhere else. The jade roller acts as a massager to gently smooth out fine lines and loosen up the skin.

•De-swells: Poor diet and bad sleep can lead to poor circulation and puffiness in your face. The gentle pressure and motion promotes proper circulation of blood and other fluids. 

Another benefit of jade rollers is that they can aid in product absorption. Those who slap on their creams, oils, and serums aren’t getting the full benefit of them because they’re not getting fully absorbed. Using a jade roller helps products go deep down into pores for better results. Typically, jade rollers are used following serums and oils for the most benefit.




There is a right way to use a jade roller to make sure you're reaping all of the skin-care benefits.

1.Wash and properly clean your face.

2.(optional) Apply serum on your face. Facial rollers tend to work better with an oil or serum. 

3.Start in the middle of the face, working your way down the neck to help to promote lymphatic flow. Make sure to roll up and out in order to draw fluid away from the face. And don't forget areas like your lips and neck-often neglected areas that can show signs of aging.

4.Be sure to apply gentle but consistent pressure to help with de-puffing-if it hurts, you're pressing too hard, Use it in the morning or evening-and be sure to keep it clean with soap and warm water.

If you’re wondering about other options, you can also get different types of rollers. Other popular facial rollers include rose quartz rollers and amethyst ones. They function in the same way as jade rollers but have the healing benefits of their respective stones. So read up on some crystals, then decide what’s best for your personal journey.


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